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    A certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT),

    I specialize in addiction and eating disorders



  • Yoga, Meditation and Musings

    Yoga... what if it was less about stretching and more about opening oneself to the radiant Presence within?

    What if the simple act of inhaling was about receiving deeply the gift of life and exhaling was truly known as releasing and letting go?

    Such an approach, simple yet elegant, designed to open us from within, is a prelude to the jewel in the heart of yoga…….


    Meditation... is an essential tool in navigating our stressful world. Whether one chooses simply to follow the breath, use a mantra or guided imagery, meditation is a powerful practice which, over time, cultivates fulfillment from the deep well of our Being.


    Musings… a collection of conversations and experiences I have had while sharing yoga with my students in treatment. These tales, often heartwarming, poignant, and humorous, provide a unique glimpse into our shared humanity.


    Thank for visiting my site….. I hope you enjoy what you read!




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