Sometimes, we just don't know what the universe has in store for us.

.....unless we dare utter the word yes.

This is the ongoing saga of one very small yes…..that unbeknownst to me would change the trajectory of my life going forward.


Up until this point, I had a pretty nice life as a long time student and teacher of yoga. It felt good to have adapted yoga to a myriad of students in various settings; corporate, schools, physical therapy offices, and lots and lots of privates.

I had set up a lovely little home studio in a bucolic corner of Irvine. One could look out upon rolling hillsides, smell the blossoming vines, hear songbirds and see the occasional coyote. Apart from the weekly leaf-blower man, it was idyllic. In this abode of serenity, I would see individual students.

One day seemingly out of the blue, I received a call from a former student. She was now clinical director for newly opened drug and alcohol program and she wanted me to teach yoga to the male residents.

My first thought, though not voiced, was “These aren’t my peeps. Why are you asking me to do this?” It had escaped me that I had battled an eating disorder and oh, what about the debtors anonymous meetings I surreptitiously attended many moons ago?

In spite of the temporary amnesia, and probably a result of codependent thinking, (she needed me!), I tentatively said yes, figuring I’d help her out until we found someone else.

I arrived for my first class, lumbered up to the door with all the usual yoga gear - mats, blocks and straps. I stood there for a brief moment with a mixture of apprehension and curiosity and rang the bell.

I was ushered into the living room while a few of the rag-tag group of twenty somethings jumped up to greet me.

Having helped clear a space in the living room, they took their mats and assembled themselves on the floor. I soon began identifying the ones with back injuries, one or two with jumpy energy, some with eager expressions and some not.

My eyes were drawn to Jamar, sporting Rasta colors with dreads bouncing around his openly charming face. Lean and lanky, he possessed a fluid, kinetic energy. The class unfolded simple and easy with various levels of capability. Towards the end, I suggested we try tree pose. Jamar immediately took the challenge, grabbed his block and stood erect , like a flamingo, sporting an all-over glow. His one small yes made us all smile.

Before class had even ended, I was completely hooked. Any previous doubts I may have had vanished. I was hungry for more.

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