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    and Yoga Therapy

    “Yoga is the state where nothing is missing”

    Sharon Gannon


    Traditionally, yoga was considered an individual experience, passed from teacher to student, down through the ages. There was a good reason for this and it hasn’t really changed. While group classes can provide a sense of inspiration and community, a student will often try to fit him or herself into the group experience rather than having yoga fit his/her individual needs.


    Sometimes, I hear the refrain, I don’t like yoga, Often, an individual thinks they are not flexible enough, not patient enough or they feel they are just not good at it. When asked, I find that the person entered a class and struggled to make it work for them. They may have left feeling disconnected. This is actually the antithesis of yoga which means, connection or relationship.


    What are we connecting to? Our breath, our bodies, the practice and eventually, our sense of joy and wellbeing. This relationship with ourselves is the very touchstone for an unfolding sense of connection to the great adventure of Life.


    This is Yoga.


    Receiving personal attention can be deeply nourishing. A well trained teacher will work with a student’s intention/s and can see areas where they may be stuck and could move forward. Perhaps there is a physical issue, there may be stress or tension, (making the breath short and shallow), or a mind that lacks focus. Perhaps one wants to feel more at home in their own skin and experience a deeper sense of Being.


    Whatever it is, working one on one with an experienced and compassionate teacher is a gift that can hasten personal transformation.


    I love sharing yoga with first time students at any stage in life. Many people my age and older, feel it is too late to try yoga. In my experience, it is never too late, and one is never too old, to begin a yoga practice. In fact now IS the best time to start!


    “If you can breathe, you can do yoga!”



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