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    Alison is a profoundly beautiful teacher of yoga...yet, most of all, of consciousness. Being in her presence is an experience of the heart.”
    — Marj Britt, senior minister, Unity of Tustin


    Alison provided private yoga practice for me. She was always, always the professional, always in tune with what would take me to the next level. Alison also was involved with Corporate Leadership training - and she brought all of us to a level of awareness we didn’t know was possible. These were men and women that were successful, driven individuals and Alison melded with them, made them comfortable with the oh, so uncomfortable positions and taught us to trust ourselves. If you are lucky enough to be in contact with Alison and fortunate enough to hire her, DO!”
    Maureen Kohal


    I have experienced Alison’s outstanding skills as a yoga therapist for the past 9 years. Her ability to help the women with eating disorders in our treatment program seemed nothing short of a miracle. She is able to reach the hearts and souls of the people in a compassionate and kind manner with such depth of understanding. Alison finds a way to connect with people through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of her yoga practice and teachings. A connection is absolutely the way to help heal anyone in treatment and that is what Alison does so effortlessly.

    Janet Whitney,

    Former director of Sovereign Health Eating Disorder Program,



    Thank you so much for teaching me yoga these last couple of months! When I first came here I was very disconnected from both myself and my Higher Power. Your sessions and guidance have truly helped me reconnect. You have been such a source of positive energy on my Monday’s and Wednesdays. I will miss you!

    Much Gratitude,

    Denise (Sovereign’s Eating Disorder Program)


    I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you have taught me! I truly enjoyed doing yoga with you and am inspired to keep practicing! You have been an amazing instructor. I will never forget our sessions together. I’m very blessed to have the opportunity to have one-on-ones with you.

    Amanda (Sovereign’s Eating Disorder Program)



    “Alison your classes have been so helpful. Every time I leave class I feel I walk taller. Every morning when I bend to put on my shoes I am grateful because I bend easier and with less pain. Finally, I want to thank you for spending time researching which yoga poses would be most helpful for my scoliosis. Thank you again for all that you have done and your wonderful, encouraging and patient support!”
    Shirley Furman,
    PNP, Newport Beach



    Before doing yoga with Alison, I suffered from low-back pain on a near daily basis, pain that was often nearly debilitating. Over the last two years, regular yoga practice with Alison has improved my flexibility and core strength to such a point that I hardly ever feel any discomfort.”
    D. McCormick
    Laguna Beach


    “Taking yoga lessons with Alison has been a blessing in my life. Before Alison taught me yoga I experienced extreme neck and sciatic pain. I had not exercised in many years because of my health issues. First, she showed me some gentle lower back stretches which remedied the sciatica pain. Next, she introduced me to a gentle stretch for my neck. Before practicing yoga I was taking 4 different kinds of pain medicine for 6 years. After 3 months I was able to reduce my pain medicine by more than 50%. I began taking lessons from her every week and became physically transformed with core strength, flexibility, balance and a younger spine. What she teaches is not the group class style yoga that goes on at every gym. It is personalized for each individual. For instance, it was 6 months before she had me to do a downward dog so as not to injure my neck. Working with Alison is a continuous journey for optimal health. I now practice 20 minutes of yoga each morning. She has been a blessing in my life”.


    Donna Goodman,

    Sr. Product Manager

    Loan Scorecard


    As my yoga instructor and guide over the past few years, Alison Brown has taken me on a bi-weekly journey to a place of greater peace and growing strength. Her gentle individual instruction, based on my level of capability, has allowed me to develop at my own pace.

    Whereas group yoga had led me at times to overreach or disposition to the point of injury, Alison’s careful monitoring and watchful corrections of my movements have enabled me to remain active without incident. I strongly recommend the one-on-one sessions with Alison in the serene environment of her home studio or in your own abode. Benefits abound!

    Namasté. Sue Henger


    “I have found Alison’s guidance has constantly kept me challenged and enticed. She paid close attention to the course of my personal development and managed to keep my interest up all along the way. During this journey, she has guided me to a new personal place of health and tranquility. As a side note I must mention that after eight years of chiropractic care, I have reduced my visits to one in the last three months.”
    Jeff Solomon
    Irvine, CA


    “Alison gently guides you, infusing her years of wisdom in energy, yoga, meditation and the chakra system in a fun, yet spiritually enlightening experience that opens and aligns the body’s physical and emotional intelligence. I came away not only receiving new information from which to draw upon but with a strong sense of inner balance and harmony that unlocked the key to some personal development work I was processing.”
    Joan Ramstedt,
    Professional Certified Coach
    Newport Beach


    I walked into Alison’s yoga class feeling 90 years old and walked out feeling 40 again!”
    Janet Whitney author of Facing Your Fears


    A couple of years ago our office began working with Alison. Initially, I was skeptical about yoga but co-workers convinced me that it was worth trying and I started participating. I found myself looking forward to yoga days and always felt better; stronger, healthier, more focused, after practicing under Alison’s guidance. In particular, I appreciated that she did not take a “one-size-fits-all approach with “pre-canned” lessons; she customized our practice based on what was important to us that day.

    I would challenge skeptics that if they approach yoga with an open mind they will see a big benefit in their strength, flexibility, and sense of well-being. I am also convinced that yoga is a good investment - employees who participate feel an increase in productivity as a result of reduced stress, improved fitness and increased feelings of well-being.”

    David Erard

    Holthouse Carlin &Van Trigt LLP

    Costa Mesa






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